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Invoice Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why are you selling new vehicles at the price you pay? A1: For a limited time, we are offering our customers an incredible deal where they can purchase new vehicles at the same price that we pay. This unique opportunity is possible because our business earns a volume bonus from car manufacturers for reaching sales targets. Additionally, our profit model is strongly supported by our trade-in vehicle business. This combination allows us to provide these amazing prices directly to our customers.

Q2: Can I still trade in my old vehicle during this promotion? A2: Absolutely! We gladly accept trade-ins, and they can be a great way to further reduce the cost of your new vehicle purchase. Our expert appraisal team will ensure you get a fair and competitive offer for your trade-in.

Q3: Is financing available with this invoice pricing offer? A3: Yes, financing options are available even with this special pricing promotion. Our finance department works with various lenders to offer competitive rates and terms that fit a variety of budgets and credit histories.

Q4: Are there any hidden fees with the invoice pricing?A4: Transparency is key in our dealings. The invoice price is what we pay for the vehicle, but standard taxes, title, registration, and dealer processing fees still apply. We are committed to providing a clear breakdown of all costs involved.

Q5: How can I find out more or take advantage of this offer? A5: For more information or to take advantage of this limited-time offer explore our website or our team is ready to assist you with any questions and help you find the perfect vehicle at an unbeatable price.